Free Adventures

I'm still a new Dungeon Master. I ran an extended Play-By-Email game several years ago, but that's not the same as DMing in front of live players. I've now run a few games for a young audience, and we've had a good time, and I think I've learned a lot.

While waiting for the next get-together, I got a little obsessed and wrote up the first adventure as a module. I'm not sure anyone will really be interested, but here it is.

The Scourge of Ekkert's Gorge

A small town on the edges of the human Empire of Belfiad has been struck by a series of strange livestock mutilations. Apparently the work of no animal, the mutilations are accompanied by a strange eerie light on the horizon in the woods to the south. Investigating the light uncovers the work of a sick man channeling an ancient foe.


Murder in Ekkert's Gorge

A prominant resident of Ekkert's Gorge has gone missing. Investigation leads to a gang of highwaymen and smugglers and then to a demon worshipping cult. Find the kidnappers, and thwart the plans of their allies in the cult.


And for the Mutants and Masterminds curious, I have a few adventures as well

The Freedom League Attacks

The world's preeminent Super Hero Team has been missing for months when they suddenly appear again attacking a biotech research lab. What is behind the Freedom League's odd behavior? Can a new group of heroes team up to stop them? A suitable adventure for starting a new campaign in the world of Green Ronin's Freedom City. Using Mutants and Mastermind 3e.


Atlantis on My Mind

Agents of Atlantis have attacked Freedom City, trying to claim the Kingdom of Freedom for King Poseidon. Who is King Poseidon and what happened to the previous King Theseus, onetime member of the Freedom League? Why are the agents trying to kidnap a girl from Freedom City's Claremont Academy?